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Audrey Donaldson, Ed.D/CI, is an educator who shares the joy of dance with students of all ages. June Donaldson has been teaching Philly Bop and Cha-Cha since 2003. Together they have taught at a variety of events, such as festivals, dance conventions, school events, and fundraisers in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, New York, Ohio, & Virginia. This includes both group and private dance instruction.


Preservation of the Philly Bop

“Philly Bop” is at the center of Audrey and June’s instructional journey. 'The Bopologists' promote the “Philly Bop” as the Official Dance of Philadelphia through local dance classes and as they travel to dance conferences and events in other states. Audrey and June have also shared the “Philly Bop” worldwide via Youtube, through their book, “How to Dance: Philly Bop - A 6 count Dance,” and via website - Dancinginphilly.com.


Dancing for the love of it!

Both Audrey and June face the challenges of teaching with an understanding that dance is a process that requires a range of instructional techniques to address a variety of learning styles. They approach learning, creativity, and teaching with dance foundation at the forefront. Most of all, they dance for the love of it!

Smooth Style Ballrooming


Dance Certifications

Both Audrey & June are certified as instructors of SMOOTH STYLE BALLROOMING.

Audrey and June fell in love with Ballrooming over 10 years ago when they first saw the dance in Ohio at United We Dance. June learned the dance… Audrey was his first student… And their first Ballrooming class was held in 2010. Then in 2016, June and Audrey were honored to receive their Certification in Smooth Style Ballrooming. They continue to teach in alignment with Calvin and Jacalyn Sibert’s ‘Smooth Style Ballrooming Team.’