Focused instruction.

Walk in. Dance out!



 The “thank you” goes to you (Audrey) and June! … the two of you should be named the Bop Doctors – We make house calls!
Paula Smith 

 "After my search for the best line dancing instructor for my wedding party, I have decided that you're the perfect fit."


 "Audrey and June, Thank you for the lessons. I have learned alot and owe it to you all... I know each guy is different and being able to pick up the signals will come with time."
Lady Z

 "I want to thank you so much for what you have done for Jimmy & I. Our dancing has improved a whole lot from the day you started with us. You both have the gift of dance, and I'm willing to help you share your gift with others. Two thumbs up, I am very pleased."

 Hi June and Audrey!!!!! I love the way you presently inform us about the oldies circuit. Sometimes those who host the dances will make a change concerning their time or cancel their event. You make us aware of those changes so we can attend another affair. Your web-site is a state of the art information high way. Keep up the good work. God bless you two.